The Origin of the Beukendaal Fire Department

During World War II, many residents of Glenville Gardens, Sacandaga and Spring Road were active in the various civilian defense services; including the Auxiliary Fire Function.   During this time, the need for a permanent fire protection service for the area became clear.

These auxiliary firemen formed Beukendaal Fire Department. During March of 1944, twenty-five residents of the area met in the Glenville town offices to form a fire department.

On July 7th, 1947; the State of New York approved the boundaries of the fire district and the district was incorporated on June 1st, 1948.



The name Beukendaal  is a  historic  name familiar to the residents of  Glenville and Scotia.  It is a  Dutch  word, meaning  “Beechdale”.

The Beukendaal area in colonial times was 2 miles northwest of the Village of Scotia, off of Sacandaga Road near Hardins Crossing, in the town of Glenville.  Here is where the DeGraff House stood.   On July 8th, 1748, forty members of the Schenectady Militia fought off a French and Indian raiding party.  The modern firehouse stands 300 yards from the DeGraff house.

For this reason, it seems fitting that the fire company bear this historic tittle.  The fire company adopted the name “Beukendaal Fire Department” at the company is fifth meeting in July of 1944.



The first meetings of the department were held in the Glenville Town Offices in Scotia.  Later meetings were held in the Friendly Social Club.  Meetings were subsequently moved to the Beukendaal school District #10 until 1950 when the Firehouse on Sacandagga Road at the bottom of Spring Road was opened.   Dedication ceremonies were held in 1951.  An additional renovation occurred in 1982.    Construction of the new building was started in 2015, being built to last 100 years with many new improvements in efficiency and in safety.



The department has had 12 pieces of equipment over the years.   The original apparatus was a civilian defense trailer mounted pump.

In 1949, an American LaFrance pumper made in 1928 was purchased and was used as the company’s piece of apparatus until it was replaced was a 1938 model Ahrens Fox 500-gallon pumper.    In 1951, a 1300 gallon Donges Tank truck was purchased.

The following are the rest of the departments apparatus over the years.

1954 Ward LaFrancePumper252
1956 Ward LaFrancePumper253
1965 International Grass251
1973 Chevrolet Step VanMedical254
1977 Ward LaFrancePumper252
1978 PierceMedical254
1991 E.E.I.Pumper253
1994 GMCUtility251
1998 GMCUtility254
2000 GMCMedical250
2001 Sonic JetBoat291
2002 BlazerAsst Chief257
2004 Central StatesEngine252
2009 TahoeAsst Chief258
2009 TahoeChief259



At first the Beukendaal Fire Department was organized to provide fire protection, but over time it grew to also includes an allied social organization with its own set of officers.  This social group governs the social activity of the fire department.


Chiefs Over the Years

William Roy1944-1948
John Featino1949-1951
Charles Heddan1952
William Spencer1953-1956
Lester Uttberg1957-1960
James MacCracken1961-1962
William Lewis1963
Lee Darby1963-1964
Armond Dorazio1965-1966
Joseph Morette1967-1968
William Riddle1969, 1980
Charles Mowers1970-1971
Robert Renus1972-1973
Jeffrey noonan1974, 1983,1985
Willard Bailey1975-1979
Vincent Morelli1981-1982
Thomas Coulson1986
Craig Myes1987
Michael Conley1988-1990, 1992-1995
Gary Dopp1991-1992
Michael Palleachi1996-1998
Marty Bailey1999-2001
Joshua Walter2002-2004
Lawrence Colleton2005-2007
Norman Young2008
Jeffrey Mcphail2009-2011
David Ferris2012-2015


Honorary Life Members

James ChristopherJohn FeatinoKenneth HitchcockGeorge Knowlson
Charles MowersWilliam RiddleRobert RenusWillard Bailey
Robert RockwellPaul WelahEdmund MyersMichael Keefe
John BrooksRobert BylinsFred ValentinoRichard Conley
Robert McPhailDonald LapointMichael GuyMarty Bailey
Jeffrey McPhailLawrence ColletonJoshua Walter


Members Who Have Had Their Last Alarm

Thomas SheaStanley MarnowskiJoe MoretteGeorge KristalGeorge Knowlson
Donald SheaJames MacCrackenLouis FeightArmand DorazioRobert Renus
Arvin WallinFred ElenriederWilliam SpancerJames CristopherFred Valentino
Wm J Eckerson JrGordon StreeterHarlen BarneyJay WoodsDonald Lapoint
Charley HeddenLes UttbergBarney RevelliaKenneth HitchcockCharles Mowers
Eric HabelFloyd LewisHarold JonesJohn FestinoRobery McPhail
Michael Lamp


Widows of Deceased Members

Jean RenusCarmel DorazioDebbie LapointBordie ValentinoPat McPhail
Dorothy ChristopherJeannette LampDorothy MacCracken