Hall Rental

We offer our new and state-of-the-art meeting hall and kitchen to the general public for rental!!!


General Info:

  • The maximum capacity of the Hall is 65 persons
  • Applications for use must be submitted at least 14 days prior to desired usage
  • Rental of the Hall is limited to residents of Glenville Fire District #5
  • The use of tobacco products and alcohol are prohibited in the Hall; the use of tobacco products may occur only in designated areas
  • Hall & Kitchen rental cost: $250 (8 hours) + $100 refundable cleaning fee

More information: Hall Rental Policy

Request form: Hall Rental Form

Available dates- please see our calendar here to see if your desired date is available (please note that an open day on the provided calendar does not guarantee availability on that date)


For addition information and rental requests please contact Dave Gallup (email: or phone: (518) 376-2683)


Pole Barn Rental

We have recently finished the construction of our Pole Barn behind our fire station.  We hope to finish the kitchen for the building this upcoming spring.

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