The Commissioners are responsible for all District grounds, building and equipment. We try our very best to only spend a dollar when needed. We thank our residents for supporting our building renovation project, and are excited to see it take shape.

We are excited to be able to continue our fine service, uninterrupted, to the residents through our recent building transition.

We are very proud of our women and men who take many hours away from family and functions to respond to emergencies in and out of our district. Without their dedication and intense training we could not provide the service that we do.

Our members also strive to give back to the community with many events during the year, with some of the main ones being:

  • Halloween detail, where members give out cider and donuts to the trick-or-treaters
  • Christmas detail, where Santa tours the district in a fire truck and hands out candy to the community, and treats to our canine friends.

We also extend our invitation to the residents each year for an open house which we have switched from October to the Spring months. Keep watching our website (www.beukendaalfd.com) for details and updates on our upcoming events.

ChairmanLarry Colleton
Vice ChairmanKevin McCarthy
CommissionerWilliam King
CommissionerJay McPhail
CommissionerDave Gallup
Secretary/TreasurerDiana Myers