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Rescue 250


1996 GMC  Suburban 2500

Rescue 250 is first due to all medical calls but car accidents.  R-250 carries a plethora of medical equipment from bandages to traction splints.

In addition, R-250 caries fire police equipment and equipment for firefighter rehab during a fire call.


Utility 251


1994 Chevrolet 3500 Dually

Utility 251 is our general purpose utility vehicle.  It is oftentimes used for traffic control, pump-outs, downed wires, and other tasks.  It is second due for all medical calls except car accidents.


Engine 252

2004/2012 Spartan/ Central States 1250gpm Waterous Pump, 1250gal booster tank, 50 gal CAFS Foam.

Engine 252 is the first due engine  to structure fires within the district. E-252 carries a variety of company equipment.


Engine 253


1991 Spartan/EEI 1500gpm Hale Pump, 1000 gal booster tank.

Engine 253 is the 2nd due engine within the district, this apparatus is assigned to locating a water supply at the time of a structure fire. E-253 is also the department mutual aid piece and responds for all requests of the department’s FAST team. E-253 carries a variety of company equipment.


Rescue / Engine 254

1994 International/ Darley 1250gpm Darley Pump, 600 gallon booster tank

Rescue Engine 254 is the first due apparatus to all motor vehicle accidents. RE-254 is also 4wd with a front mount pump and is utilized to locate a fixed water supply in areas without fire hydrants. RE-254 carries a variety of rescue company equipment along with engine company equipment.


Water Rescue 291

Water Rescue 291 is the departments jet powered rescue boat.  Able to reach speeds over 40 miles per hour, 291 performs rescues on the river as well as being able to provide assistance to boaters in distress.  Additionally, 291 is able to provide fire suppression with ether a master stream or hand line which can  be brought to land.  291 is unique when it comes to rescue boats since it is able to go into shallow water as it is jet powered instead of the traditional propeller driven watercraft.