2018 Instillation Dinner

     On January 13th, our members and fiends of the department met for a night of reflection and remembrance of the past year and celebration of the achievements the success of what’s to come.

     We remembered William Riddle, a retired chief of the Beukendaal Fire Department.  We also remembered John Nuzback and Ken Posson, both Schenectady county fire coordinators who passed away over the past year. 

     We had the honor of witnessing the swearing in of the following firematic and social officers by County Legislature Tom Constantine:

Chief- Paul Chevalier

Assistant Chief- Nick Renus

Captain- Martin Bailey

1st Lieutenant- Robert Counter

Lieutenant- David Ferris

Lieutenant- Mike Carpenter

Lieutenant- Shane Cramer

Medical Capt- Carol Kiddle

Fire Police Capt- Shawn Nichols

Fire Police Lt- Mike Keefe


President- Joshua Walter

Vice President- Matthew Cramer

Treasurer- Dan VanHeusen

Secretary- Kamryn Martin

      We celebrated the achievements of all of our members, including, the following members who earned the subsequent awards:

               Chief’s Award- Kyle Walter

               Top Ten Responder’s Award- The top ten responders, which included both fire chiefs

               Fire Service Award- Kyle Walter

               President’s Award- Dan VanHeusen

               Commissioner’s Award- Josh Walter and Gail Noonan

               Ladies Auxiliary’s Award- Michelle Diederich

     All of us at Beukendaal Fire Department look forward upon the new year and look forward to helping our community in whatever way our citizens need us.

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