From the Chief’s desk

Welcome everyone,

First let me introduce myself and give a brief background of my career in the fire service. I am serving my first year as Fire Chief after spending 3 years as Assistant Fire Chief, but have been a member of the department for 12 years. Outside of the department, I am employed by NYS at the Suny Albany campus as a Campus Safety Specialist. It is my duty to inspect, and service all fire protection devices on campus. Aside from that, I work part-time for Malta EMS in Saratoga County as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). As you can see, my professional life revolves around emergency services and public safety.

The Beukendaal Fire Department is comprised of roughly 50 men and women who volunteer their time protecting the residents and those who travel through Fire District #5. We have high standards for training, not only in Fire and EMS, but also in a number of specialty areas as well. We currently have an Ice Rescue Team, which we perform rescues of victim’s trapped in icy water. A Water Rescue Team that responds to rescue individuals who find themselves in peril in open water. Trained Auto-Extrication personnel who perform rescues of victims by disentangling them from badly damaged vehicles. Also, this department is 1 of only 3 agencies in Schenectady County with a designated Rapid Intervention Team (RIT). This team is activated at the time of a structure fire and responds to standby in case a firefighter becomes trapped or lost during firefighting activity.

Beukendaal takes great pride in any way we can help someone who is in trouble, whether it be a sick person at 3 am, an advanced rescue situation or a building fire. Whatever the task, rest assured we are prepared for it. We are also fortunate to be located in a convenient spot, where if a need for assistance arises, surrounding agencies are close by to come to our aid.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support, not only with the station addition and renovation but for all the feedback we receive, whether it is positive or negative. All of this input is important and sometimes is paramount in helping us do our jobs better. Please feel free to contact myself, or Assistant Chief Oliveri with any comments or concerns about anything and everything. You may do this by calling our Station 1 or utilizing the online contact form.

Thank you, and stay safe!

Paul Chevalier

Chief – Beukendaal Fire Department